Blacknicity: Building our Community from Within Art Exhibition

Ali Cultural Arts Center
Jul 29 - Oct 10

In Appreciation of Black independence and creativity, Artist Will Simpson presents "Blacknicity: Building our Community from Within -- An Exhibition Celebrating Black Culture.

The opening reception for "Blacknicity" will reflect the multifaceted nature of Black art and the way it manifests in the Black community. Dance, music, and poetry have always been embedded in African American culture, and "Blacknicity" will be the exhibition to showcase it all. This was held Saturday July 29th 2023.

Join us at the historic Ali Cultural Center, located in the heart of Pompano Beach's predominantly African American community, to experience community building and a joyful celebration of art and culture.

About the Artist

Wilbert (Will) Simpson Jr. is a Broward County, FL visual artist who specializes in acrylic paint. He is committed to achieving visual innovation and beauty through color. To effectively convey ideas, Simpson often uses bold colors and abstract shapes. His work has been exhibited in galleries and museums throughout Florida, and he has received numerous awards for his art.

The Exhibition

"Blacknicity" will feature a range of Simpson's work, including paintings, exploring the themes of Black history, culture, and identity. It will also feature performances by local dancers, musicians, and poets.

Blacknicity: Building our Community from Within Art Exhibition