Blended Conversations - Virtual Program

Sep 10 | 7:00 pm

First Saturdays l 7 pm l FREE - ONLINE

Join us for our monthly installments of Blended Conversations on Facebook as we listen to a variety of local artists share their own real life stories.

Blended Conversation takes Art & Conversation, examines the world around us through live artists performances and dialogue. Specifically, we seek to discover how our conversations and stories work in relation to each other. This virtual event will boast artist and audiences from all walks of life who will share real and raw stories from their own lives, so you can expect to come away feeling hopeful, touched and inspired. We will hear about what they’re doing in their communities, how they got to where they are and why it has impacted them in their life in an intimate, relaxed and informal setting.

September - Ashlee Connors

In a sea of t-shirts and jeans, this fashion-forward poet stands out. Though at first glance, one would assume Ashlee Connors is a model about to walk the runway, when she walks to the mic the crowd is in for a stylish surprise. Beyond what you see, she knows what it's like to be broken, silenced, and not able to share. Through poetry, Ashlee has found the beauty in what she writes, speaks, and shares because she knows the power of her gift.

Ashlee credits her creative rhetoric to her various life experiences. She has inspired many by tapping into the emotional chambers of the heart and appealing to what the audience needs to hear. Authoring three books entitled "Pieces of Me" and "Lessons in Discovery" and “Growing Pains,” she writes to encourage the masses.

Blended Conversations - Virtual Program