Cole, The Birth Of A King

Pompano Beach Cultural Center
Feb 02 | 7:30 pm | $30

To kick off Black History Month 2024 Darrell Cole presents the music of Nat King Cole and The Great American Songbook in, “COLE, The Birth Of A King."

The performance will provide an understanding of who the King of Jazz and the most authentic tribute artist of the Legendary Nat King Cole in the world by the Nat King Cole society, Is to feel the transition from a distant time. We are presenting a mirror image performance of the birth of a king then and now, as it compares to the timelessness of vintage classic music. I am who I am due to what the critics call an uncanny resemblance look and sound to the Great Legend Nat King Cole and with over 800 songs in my repertoire I am prepared to sing longer than they can listen.

This is a timeless presentation of The Velvet Voice then and of our time as it applies to history and makes comparison to the present. This performance has been seen in places like Japan, Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Germany to name a few, where so many had forgotten those early days and were brought back to life by those magic moments.

To learn more about the performers visit WWW.THEKINGOFJAZZ.COM

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