Culture & Identity Exhibition by Latin American Arts Pavilion

Pompano Beach Cultural Center
Oct 14 - Jan 03

In collaboration with Latin American Art Pavilion (LAAP), Pompano Beach Arts is proud to host the insightful new exhibition Culture and Identity of Our America. Curated by Anaibis Yero, this showcase presents the art of Latin America through an expansive lens, which considers the cultural diversity in “The New World” as a complex amalgam due to the factors that shaped its cultural wealth.

Join us during the opening reception on Friday, October 14, 2022, 6pm – 8pm at the Pompano Beach Cultural Center. Click here to register!

This exhibition features the work of artists from across the “New World.”

The following artists will have work displayed in the show: Martha Espinosa, Ismael Gomez Peralta, Adriano Nicot, Octavio Cuellar, Antonio Guerrero, Mario Mogrovejo, Guillermo Portieles, Armando Tejuca, Veronica Bonta, Patricia Meier, David Acevedo, Alessandro Abate, and Jorge Martinez.


LAAP is an organization dedicated to promoting Latin American and Caribbean emerging and mid-career contemporary visual artists worldwide. Representation services include curatorial, exhibitions, art fairs and other cultural events, and artwork sales and acquisition. Coaching services for artists assist in developing successful portfolios and artists’ statements, and consulting services include grant writing and residencies for artists, guidance in launching an art business in the United States, and private collection management. LAAP seeks to advocate for art that responds to a particular aesthetic and universal value to compete in the art market of the United States and serves as an effective and useful tool to all new collectors and lovers of visual arts.

Culture & Identity Exhibition by Latin American Arts Pavilion