Developing a Body of Work

Bailey Contemporary Arts
Jun 02 | 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Cancelled until further notice

This monthly 3-hour workshop series focuses on building a compelling art portfolio for college applications, art residencies, exhibition proposals and more. Learn how to edit, structure, document and evolve your artwork and artist statement through dynamic exercises, dialogs and public speaking. While it is recommended to take various workshops, students have the option to take workshops independently, for each session is designed to work autonomously.

Session 1 – April 7: Looking and Interpreting Art

Session 2 – May 5: Understanding Feedback “Critique”

Session 3 – June 2: Work in Progress vs. Finished Work

Session 4 July 7: “Less is More” Understanding Editing

Session 5 – August 4: Creating Narratives Arranging Series and Solo Pieces

Session 6 – September 1: Talking about Art – Public Speaking

Session 7 – October 6: The importance of Art History, Symbolism and Interpretation

Session 8 November 3: Artist Statements – Series vs. Collective

Session 9 – December 1: Documenting artwork – Basics of Portfolio presentation and Digital form

Session 10 – January 5: Presenting and Formatting work

Session 11 - February 2: Cover Letter vs. Letter of Intention. Exhibition Proposals and Residencies.

Session 12 – March 2: Resumes and Biographies. Grants, Scholarships, College Applications.

Developing a Body of Work