Mercury Express Exhibition

Pompano Beach Cultural Center
Jul 08 - Oct 05

This is a a solo exhibition by South Florida artist Cangshu Gran, titled "Mercury Express", featuring artworks created between 2016 and 2019. "This body of work is comprised of sixteen oil glaze paintings on canvas, ranging in size from 16 x 16 inches to 36 x 48 inches. These paintings demonstrate, through subjective color and the application of misty layers of luminous paint, my residence on the edge of moving to the future and looking to the past. Through imagination my paintings express a longing for connections and offer glimpses of happiness tinted with a pervasive overcast of melancholy. "Mercury Express" is a visual expression of what I consider to be ‘Kitsch’, ‘Sentimental’ and ‘Adventurous’. Through this work I salvage and renew the child-like wonder that managed to survive into my adulthood. Through the positioning of remembered objects in imaginary landscapes, Mercury Express recalls and explores my childhood memories, ideas and aspirations to reclaim the wonder I have lost as an adult." ~~Cangshu Gran

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