NCP Lab Short Play Festival

Pompano Beach Cultural Center
Feb 10 - Feb 12 | $16 - $25
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The NCPLab Short Play Festival is the culmination of New City Players’ monthly gathering of writers and actors. Participants submit new short plays, actors read them, and the writers see how their words sound! Join us to see a diverse group of the best short plays produced shooting on-location quickly or what is called - guerilla style! Learn more about NCP - New City Players here.

This is a 3-show run that will go February 10th through the 12th.

The schedule of events is:

  • February 10 at 8pm
  • February 11 at 8pm
  • February 12 at 3pm

General admission and VIP tickets are available. VIP includes a drink ticket.

Drinks will also be available for purchase at the event.

Each show will be the same performance of 6 locally written short plays that reflect our community:

  • Summer Salt & Pepper by Jazz Patterson

Sparks fly just after closing time!

  • Good Breeding by Ilana Jael

Dogs sometimes sense attraction before their owners do.

  • That Desert Wind by Nancy Temple

Two strangers connect in a Walmart parking lot.

  • Encounter by Michael Gioia

An alien orb pays a late night visit!

  • A Faint Rumor of Existence by Chuck Smith

A man and the android he built face the mystery of the end together.

  • Stuck in Limbo by Helen Cheng Mao

Three young women confess all to get out of limbo!

Producers: Krystal Valdes, Elizabeth Price, Tim Davis
Curator & Head of NCPLab: Krystal Valdes
Director & Production Manager: Elizabeth Price
Stage Manager: Annabel Herrera

Live Musician (for transitions and effects) - Krystal Valdes

Actors: Arlette del Toro, Tyler Grimes, Caroline Dopson, Jenora Hamilton, Martyna Reczka, Brian Cox

Below is a recap of last year's festival:

NCP Lab Short Play Festival