Our Canopy - Exhibition

Pompano Beach Cultural Center
Jul 22 - Oct 05

"Our Canopy" is hung quilted textile with hanging limbs to create an alien forest canopy. This project will then sewn to a large size that will be site-specify to Pompano Beach Cultural Center space. Vinyl cursive text will be on the walls and quilted into the textile, written from the perspective of the canopy growth. This install will allow visitors to touch the work and will include other senses so that it will be inclusive for audiences. A harmonious soundscape of an unfamiliar forest life will be played on a two hour long loop, similar to sleeping sound aids/white noise. I also would like to include a forest/pine smell through an automatic timed aroma release.

This textile installation represents a sentient growth that speaks to the viewer through sewn messages and vinyl messages on the walls. This is a playful glimpse into a transitioning future world with plant-like figures inspired by sneaky mold and fast-growing invasive plants. Using the language of Sci-fi creature feature films and media, such as “Little Shop of Horrors” and “Invasion of The Body Snatchers”, these creatures will signify an inescapable change due to life-transforming. Messages will include "we were always here," "we grow when you aren't looking" and "we grow and grow”, and “I think about you all the time.” This work combines comforting textiles with alien otherness to renew curiosity in nature.

About the Artist:

Jen Clay creates textiles and animations for immersive and interactive installations and performances. Clay earned a Master of Fine Arts degree in sculpture at the University of Florida while also studying costume design and behavior analysis. Clay researches encounters with the unknown, from H.P. Lovecraft’s stories to actual reports of hallucination experiences. Her first commissioned performances were in 2015 at ICA Miami and Miami Light Project.

This exhibition is intended to be interactive, where visitors can touch and engage with the artworks and installation, keeping the concept of a kids-friendly exhibition each summer.

Opening Reception: July 22, 2022, save your spot by clicking here.

During the reception visitors will have the chance to meet the artist, and through conversation learn about the inspiration, techniques and concepts behind the artworks in the exhibition.

Opportunity to meet Jen Clay at the Cultural Center on September 24, from 11 am - 2pm.

Our Canopy - Exhibition