Pop-up VR Experience featuring FloDog

Pompano Beach Cultural Center | 1st Floor | Digital Computer Lab
Sep 24 | 11:00 am - 3:00 pm

Pop-up VR Experience featuring FloDog by Samuel Lopez de Victoria

FloDog is an interactive virtual reality art piece created by Broward artist Samuel Lopez De Victoria that lets viewers travel into the reality bending dreams of Florida dogs. In this piece participants will be transported into local South Florida areas through listening and helping neon dogs existing in a synesthetic nightclub stuck in another dimension. Come experience digital art in fun, friendly, and exciting ways!

About the Artist:

Samuel Lopez De Victoria is a visual artist creating bright and eccentric interactive digital artwork and video games. Samuel uses game technology and devices along with his bold vector illustrations to create media based interactive narratives and experiments dissecting the concepts of mythology. Samuel graduated with an MFA in Art and Technology at the University of Florida and currently teaches digital art at Dillard High School 6-12 and previously taught at the New World School of the Arts college. Samuel also created and runs the non-for-profit organization Interactive Initiative, a Knights Art Challenge grant winner, focused on providing teaching and mentorship programs directed toward digital art and video game design within underserved neighborhoods and communities.

Pop-up VR Experience featuring FloDog