To protect the public health and slow the rate of transmission of the coronavirus (COVID-19), all City of Pompano Beach public gatherings have been cancelled or postponed. In addition, until further notice, all cultural arts venues will be temporarily closed to the general public.

Shattered Exhibition by Yves Gabriel

Feb 07 - Mar 27
Location: Bailey Contemporary Arts Center

Cancelled due to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Bailey Contemporary Arts • West Gallery

There is a common thread that binds us together whether one realizes it or not. Gabriel believe we have the ability to unlock its full potential, despite of the complexity of the issues, by incessantly finding ways to mend our differences. Consequently, the artist has been using most of his paintings as a means to keep the dialogue alive on matters that continue to weaken that thread. Through his work, Gabriel hopes to engage individuals in a way that opens up their mind to an unfiltered world where they are compelled to pause and deeply reflect on the subject matter during the viewing and beyond.

Shattered Exhibition by Yves Gabriel