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Thought Patterns Exhibition by Lori Arbel

Jan 10 - Mar 24
Location: Pompano Beach Cultural Center

Pompano Beach Cultural Center • Conference Room & 2nd Floor

Thought Patterns explores the inner psyche including the monotonous tasks of everyday life. Using marks and a reduced, neutral palette, the artist delves into thought patterns to question how we connect, respond, and make our mark on the world. Arbel uses introspection for content; her art making as a language. This transcendent body of work points to something beyond itself and the one who made it. It hints at the hidden story, creating a new conversation with each viewer, allowing them to explore, experience, and engage in self-discovery. Arbel is an advocate for art as a tool for positive mental health.

Pen and ink lines, handmade paper, and geometric shapes allow Arbel to express depth, texture, and pattern that result in visually energetic and meditative renderings. The imperfections of the handmade paper and pop of gold illustrate metaphor, transforming sometimes negative energy into something beautiful. Her method of working is active. She places paper on a table so that she can maneuver around it from all sides. In this way, Arbel can consider composition and balance from multiple perspectives while being physically engaged with her intuitive process.

Thought Patterns Exhibition by Lori Arbel