A Subtext of Context: Works by Roy Wiemann

Pompano Beach Cultural Center
Oct 08 - Jan 05

In this exhibition, Wiemann present a series of artworks that reflect very private recollections in a discreet way, inserting text into the artwork as part of the image to associate with the original experience. These words, pulled from personal notes, e-mails, journals and even literature, are made visible in his art through a number of ways such as silk screen, collage or even simply handwritten on the surface.

As this textual aspect of Wiemann’s art has developed into more of a focus, he intentionally conceals parts of these words to draw the viewer into the work; not only to make sense of these seemingly obscure passages but also to have them open up about themselves while exploring and interpreting the art.

About Roy Wiemann

Born and bred in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, Roy Wiemann completed an MFA in painting at the University of Miami and headed directly to New York City where besides raising a family, he spent over 30 years as a successful illustrator working for a wide array of corporate clients. This diverse roster includes American Express, the Guggenheim, HBO, the New Yorker, the Smithsonian, and Steinway & Sons among many others. Between the deadlines, Wiemann continued painting and exhibiting his fine art in the city.

Currently living in Florida, Wiemann is focused on his painting and illustration careers in addition to a delightful reunion with humidity.

A Subtext of Context: Works by Roy Wiemann