Alex Keto Exhibition

Bailey Contemporary Arts
Sep 04 - Nov 25

South Florida artist Alex Keto graduated from Yale University in 1983 with an art degree. He specialized in sculpture and drawing. After his graduation, he worked at The Oak Ridger, a newspaper in East Tennessee, both as a reporter and photographer, where he learned the photography process in the darkroom - he won an Associated Press first prize for deadline photography on his last year in this newspaper.


Join us for a quick peek into the Alex Keto exhibition at the Bailey Contemporary Arts, in the City of Pompano Beach. Consulting Curator, Juliana Forero, provides fascinating insights and tips on how to best view his works for the greatest impact as we tour some of the dramatic and colorful photographs of Alex Keto.


Join us as Alex Keto takes time to share the creative possibilities of photography, highlighting his current exhibition at the Bailey Contemporary Arts. This special artist talk goes beyond his final works to focus on his inspiration and journey as an artist. Listen in to learn more about this incredible artist!

Alex Keto Exhibition