Amanda Schilling Exhibition

Bailey Contemporary Arts
Jul 01 - Sep 27

This is an exhibition features humoristic photographs by Amanda Schilling. The series "Wife, Mother, Women" was created in direct opposition to an imposed idea of perfection by society. For this ongoing series, Schilling spend several hours at a time with women and their families in their homes, places of business, and around their communities documenting their interactions with the goal of capturing real moments in the lives of real women. None of the images in the series are planned or staged. The artist simply strive to be a forgotten presence, spending enough time with the women and their families to be forgotten, or at least ignored, in order for them to act as they would if no one was looking. The women in this series mirror the majority of mothers in America. They are strong, intelligent, powerful human beings who bear the brunt of the child-rearing and housekeeping responsibilities on a regular basis. These women are artists, entrepreneurs, educators, students, military veterans, and corporate managers. Some have decided to give up their careers to stay at home with their children, and some are trying to do it all. "Trappings of Domesticity" is a series commenting on all of the things in our modern day society that may lure women into the idea of the perfect domestic life, but ultimately leave them feeling trapped.

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