Asteroids Exhibition by Maria Elisa Duque

Pompano Beach Cultural Center
Jul 03 - Sep 24

As the world anticipates NASA's Mars 2020 Mission (to launch in July 2020 from Cape Canaveral, FL), a series of exhibitions in Pompano Beach will celebrate human kind's quest for knowledge, thirst for exploration, and Florida's role in space exploration.

Maria Elisa Duque presents "Asteroids". “Asteroids” are micro planets and isolated urban landscapes that use existent architectural structures as “building blocks” creating new ones, in a playful experiment. They are fictitious parallel dimensions that question our common agreements of reality. It is a creation of another truth, another point of view from some of our constructed realities. They are interpretations of a personal vision of the world through the deconstruction and reconstruction of the preexisting structures, including new laws of physics. The concept of upwards or downwards are reinterpreted. One might say they both come from different parallel dimensions, creating an organized chaos. The different vanishing points, horizon lines, and proportions coexist. The change in how the magnetism of gravity works is closer to atoms or galaxies than the way buildings gravity works on earth.

Sneak Peek of the Asteroids Exhibition

Join us for a Sneak Peek inside Bailey Contemporary Arts as Curatorial Consultant Juliana Forero explores the deeper meaning behind the new exhibition Asteroids. Want to learn more about our exhibitions in Pompano Beach or watch past virtual videos?

Artist Talk with Maria Elisa Duque

Asteroids made out of buildings, women posed in tires and a work that was showcased at the Louvre, these are just a few of the exciting topics Artist Maria Duque discusses on Artist Talk today.

Asteroids Exhibition by Maria Elisa Duque