The Island Imprint: Yardie Point of View, Paintings and Pictures by Three Jamaican Artists

Bailey Contemporary Arts
Sep 03 - Nov 24

The Island Imprint: Yardie Point of View is a collection of photo art images by Jamaican photographer David I. Muir, and painters Mark Cameron and Charles “Mark Phi” Smart. The works included in the exhibition represent themes from music and entertainment which are at the core of the Jamaican spirit, to scenes from the Jamaican-American experience, to concepts of universal strength and happiness from a Jamaican mind.

The project reflects the breadth of perspectives held by “yardies” in the U.S. on beauty, culture and representation.

Curator Calibe Thompson

As a creative director, I like to think about the story I want to tell and manifest it with an infusion of personality and aesthetic from a collective of contributors. There’s a wealth of talent and beautiful pieces in the world, and I enjoy the privilege of orchestrating their harmonious display, all while celebrating Caribbean heritage.

Artist David I. Muir

I am an advocate for alternate perspectives of beauty. My work generally explores authenticity in people, and relationships between cultural and class identities within the context of my own experiences. Doctrines as diverse as socialism and uber-capitalism have influenced my work. Consequently, my "eye" is predicated on an existential consciousness that allows my photography to be translated into meaningful, candid canvases.

Since adolescence, I have been fascinated by the theoretical limits of the human condition. My work showcases the triumphant, creating a sense of possibility and renewed potential. As a result, I have developed an infectious fascination for seeking understanding within still moments.

My “Portraitic Perspectives,” “Reggae Reel,” “Pieces of Jamaica” and future collections all aim to share a unique viewpoint on the subject matter. These visual presentations are meant to share my aesthetic, social and spiritual interpretations of beauty, such that they add value to the lives of all who enjoy them. It is my intent to force the audience to reconsider their current perspectives, and possibly realize a paradigm shift.

Artist Mark Cameron

Mark Cameron’s early education took place on the island of Jamaica, where his interest in nature and the environment influenced his earlier landscape and seascape paintings. Mark migrated to the United States to attend college in New York, where the pursuit of graphic design interests fostered his segue into abstract and impressionist work.

Mark also studied under American master Pamela Sarkisian in California for two years, while he was the curator and chairman of the Oceanside Days of Art art fair. He has recently shown his work at the Urban League National Conference, he showed at Kroma Studios for Art Basel 2017, and he presented a portrait to NASA’s Kathrine Johnson portrayed in the iconic movie Hidden Figures.

Known as the “Renaissance Man,” Mark is also a chef who has demonstrated on FOX, NBC and CBS stations, stimulating both mind and palate with his artistry. He currently works out of his studio in Plantation Acres, Florida, where he has become prolific in producing abstract, representational and impressionistic art.

Artist Charles “Mark Phi” Smart

Mark Phi is an international ARTtivist, creator and an ideology rooted in the belief that we all have the ability to create and make an impact on our world. Mark demonstrates this through Art Philanthropy and Art Wealth Generation.

First, through his “Impact Model” he creates art to help organizations across the globe spread awareness about their cause and access financial resources. He holds these organizations accountable by ensuring funds generated from the sale of his art are used to make an impact on the lives of those in need.

Second, he uses art as an asset class for wealth generation and store of value for art connoisseurs, enthusiasts, collectors, and investors, consciously preserving the value of the art and deliberate about appreciating its value over time.

Mark Phi’s original fine art paintings can be acquired through auctions at signature events of partner charitable organizations, at private “Mark Phi Vernissage Series” installations or commissions.

Until 2019 Mark Phi was anonymous.

The Island Imprint: Yardie Point of View, Paintings and Pictures by Three Jamaican Artists