From the Inside Exhibition

Bailey Contemporary Arts Center
Mar 06 - Jun 24

From the Inside presented by Be Eccentrich and Free on the Inside Program highlights the men who participate in the Free on the Inside Program at Everglades Correctional Institution. Free on the inside created by Eccentrich Richardson is designed to introduce, educate, and cultivate the positive impact of poetry in the prison system. These programs are specifically designed to awaken moral responsibility, positive and effective communication skills, self- awareness and positive outlets to incarcerated men and women in various correctional institutions in Florida. Partnering with state and federal prisons to bring spoken word and cultural arts into prisons in order to provide inmates with an experience that not only enriches their time of incarnation, but to help aid in transitions back into society, in an attempt to create true rehabilitation. This body of work showcases what that phrase means to the artist and the varying imagery it can inspire. It gives the viewer a glimpse into the emotions and psych of the artists, and when seeing them in a group. The exhibition will display both visual art created based on the poetry from the participants of the Free on the Inside writing program allowing natural energy, true emotion and support flow from the inside out!

Virtual Poetry Workshop with Jon Kel

Are you looking for a way to express feelings that have been bottled up inside? In this workshop with award-winning poet Jon Kel, you will learn the steps to self-expression through poetry and enjoy a few brilliant performances by the artist.

Artist Talk with Jill Lefkowitz

Artist Talk with Felicia Prieto

Artist Talk with Shanteala Mash and Jon Kel

Artist Talk with Justin Kolosick

Artist Talk with Catalina Villegas

Free on the Inside Photographs

These photos by Amy Pasquantonio were taken at the Everglades Correctional Institute during the "Free on the Inside" program.

From the Inside Exhibition