I Don't Care Exhibition

Pompano Beach Cultural Center
Oct 08 - Jan 05

Due to the COVID-19 numbers, the City of Pompano Beach requires that you wear a mask while you are attending this event.

Featuring artworks by Latin American artists in commemoration of Hispanic Heritage month.

A vision of contemporary artists, - some emerging, others middle career, some pop artists, others investigating the expressiveness of pop art -, converges in this exhibition "regardless" of individual universes, only moved by the communicative immediacy and the expressive coldness of the pop language. I DON’T CARE is an empty expression, superfluous, individual and without apparent commitments, similar to the current times of uncertainty that we live. The concept for I DON’T CARE has been motivated by the paradox that the phrase itself contains, because it is implausible that I do not care about anything and give said statement a true appearance. The fear of commitment and the establishment of emotional ties are the motivating pillars for the I DON'T CARE exhibition.

In order to break the expression I DON'T CARE, which contains within itself detachment and superficiality, this exhibition tries to transgress the inexpressive and impersonal frivolity of the Pop theme seen in portraits of celebrities, repetition of Campbell's tin cans and typographies (works by Julio Molina, Sami AKL and Teo Beceiro) to move towards themes where the artist's subjectivity is palpable, delivering a more humanly warm and open work to dialogue with the viewer without departing from the Pop language.

Works by Luis Cabrera, Cesar Beltran, Micky Goldstein and Marcela Solana are examples.

I Don't Care Exhibition