Listening to the Sky Exhibition

Bailey Contemporary Arts
Dec 02 - Feb 23

Opening Reception -- December 3 from 6 - 10 pm during Old Town Untapped

To develop and appreciation for and desire to protect and preserve the environment, one has to become genuinely engaged with it. Learning to quiet our thoughts, listen carefully and observe closely, we can better understand our connection and impact on the natural world as well as the impact it has on humanity. Through this lens, Andrea Huffman will present an exhibit of prints and Fiberart of the birds of Florida and the environmental impact on local bird populations in our community.

Andrea’s artwork will present some of the many birds that call south Florida home, both year-round and seasonally. Her work will address such local concerns as habitat loss and non-native landscaping, as well as historical events such as plume hunting in the Everglades. While understanding this is important, she will also offer viewers ideas that we can all do to enjoy our local environment more and reduce our impact on it.

Made possible with support from the Broward County Cultural Division

Listening to the Sky Exhibition