Lunch with Art – Music Edition (In-Person)

Ali Cultural Arts Center
Jul 19 | 12:15 pm - 1:15 pm | Free

Lunch with Art during the month of January is Cancelled due to Covid-19 Concerns.

Take a break from your day on the third Tuesday of each month, bring your lunch and let music sooth your soul! These informative and relaxing sessions will introduce you to various forms of music, followed by a group discussion. Each melody becomes an escape from the daily stresses of life. Guests are invited to bring their lunch and a friend.

Check out our Virtual Lunch with Arts Videos:

Lunch with Art - Music - November 2020

Lunch with Art - Music - October 2020

What does Lounge Music mean to you? Today, we explore this fascinating genre, looking at the old school definition and exploring the sounds of Frank Sinatra, Bobby Vinton, Dooley Wilson, and Wayne Newton. We also look at who made the Top 5 all-time best Lounge Artists.

Lunch with Art - Music - August 2020

Get ready to dance! Fun with Art takes us back to the birth of Garage House Music with our Ali Cultural Arts Cultural Affairs Leader, Dexter. The term Garage is derived from the famed New York City Club, The Paradise Garage. The iconic home of the legendary DJ Larry Levan, this nightclub is notable in the history of modern dance, pop music and LGBT culture. This fun-filled look at Garage Music also touches on the influences of Club Zanzibar and Chicago House Music.

Lunch with Art - Music - June 2020

Join Pompano Beach Arts Dexter Smith for a Virtual Lunch with Art music edition as we celebrate African American Music Month!

Lunch with Art – Music Edition (In-Person)