Lunch with Art - the Visual Arts Edition

Bailey Contemporary Arts Center
Jan 27 | 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Each month, join us as we present different art projects that you can try during your lunch break! Nourish your creative side with a break from the break room! Various art projects each week. Trying new things has been proven to make you more creative, and it’s good for your brain. We offer a new way to inspire your soul; get creative during your lunch hour. Each simple, hands-on project becomes an escape from the daily stresses of life and reminds you how beauty can be found in even the most simplest of projects.

Lunch with Art - October

Curious about how mosaic art is made? Follow this fast-paced and informative workshop, led by public artist Steven Lutz, to learn all the tips and tricks of creating your own mosaic masterpiece. Steven is a member of the Mosaic Team which has created many of the wonderful Public Art works seen throughout the City of Pompano Beach.

Lunch with Art - September 2020

The art of collage is a fun, easy way to be creative. Join us for an inspiration-filled lesson about the three key things you need to know before you begin your project.

Lunch with Art - August 2020

What hue are you? In today’s Lunch with Art Visual Arts lesson, with Artist Galen Todd Trexler, we learn which colors reflect which personality traits. With this understanding, we can create even more personalized art that is sure to invoke emotions. We hope you enjoy this quick virtual series and share your own works with us using the hashtag #PompanoBeachArts!

Lunch with Art - July 2020

Learn how to paint some of Pompano Beach's most iconic locations in this fun-filled and easy to follow class.

Lunch with Art -  the Visual Arts Edition