The Edge of Seventeen - Jordan Guzman

Bailey Contemporary Arts
Jun 04 - Aug 25

This exhibition celebrates a decade of introspective work by Jordan Guzman. As her artistic processes are taking her in new direction, the work at The Edge of Seventeen, provides us a glimpse of her life after a moment of epiphany.

“In January 2008, at seventeen years of age, an internal light switch was turned on and the question was asked of the person standing in the mirror looking back at me: Who are you? Out of this awakening came an outpour of poems and paintings expressing more than teenage angst. Displayed before you are tactile, visual journal entries documenting the subsequent decade of spiritual self-discovery that followed that fated 2008 epiphany. My hope is that as you meditate on my work you will contemplate the delicate, yet profound connections made between family, upbringing, home, and the self.” ~ Jordan Guzman

Art Talk with Jordan Guzman

Join us for a Virtual Artist Talk with Jordan Guzman, hosted by the Pompano Beach Arts Consulting Curator Juliana Forero. Jordan digs into her exhibition, "The Edge of 17", and the meaning behind that title and her work.

About Jordan Guzman

Jordan Guzman was born in Kissimmee, FL and currently resides in Pompano Beach, FL. Her parents immigrated to New York from Central and South America in the 80's. Upon their arrival, her father, a spiritual seeker started his own commercial painting company, and her mother became an early childhood educator. They maintained these vocations since before Jordan was born and this has deeply inspired her to become an artist and an early childhood art educator. She graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Central Florida and is the Art Curriculum Coordinator at BB International School of the Arts in Pompano Beach, FL.

The Edge of Seventeen - Jordan Guzman