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Therapeutic Arts: The Visual Journey Board

Jul 27 - Jul 31 | 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm | $25
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Therapeutic Arts: The Visual Journey Board
July 27 – 31 l 2:00 – 4:00 pm
Online Workshop l two-hour online classes
Cost $25
Young Adults and Adults

This course is designed for participants 16 and older. The Visual Journey Board allows participants to recognize, evaluate, and find solutions to how my past contributes to my present and how recognizing this will shape my future. Through a series of workshops participants will learn how to use experiences to build self-awareness and change how they see themselves. Through each workshop participants will learn how to: build self-awareness; develop/expand a positive self-image; set personal goals for the future.

This class will be taught by Shanteala Mash, who is an ESE (Exceptional Student Education) Teacher and Specialist.

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Course Details

  • Course duration: 5 days
  • Course Fee: $25
  • Course Materials: Poster board, Magazines, Scissors, Glue sticks & Markers

Day 1

  • Workshop 1: understanding the past - A workshop on how to deal with emotional ties to what has happened to us, recognizing the effects of it and practical ways to address it
  • Activity: Create a portion of the journey board which consist of past experiences whether they be good or bad

Day 2

  • Workshop 2: A workshop on how to take all past experiences and shape your now
  • Activity: Creating the next section of the journey board - the present. Where you are now and what does life look like?

Day 3

  • Workshop 3: Recognizing the past and present experiences and using them to create the life that you want
  • Activity: Finish the vision board and time line mapping out what you want to accomplish and achieve

Day 4

  • Workshop 4: Poetry


Shanteala Mash

Therapeutic Arts: The Visual Journey Board