Unfamiliar Ground Exhibition by Missy Pierce

Pompano Beach Cultural Center
Oct 09 - Dec 26

Florida artist Missy Pierce has exhibited her work throughout the US, as well as in the UK, Brazil, and New Zealand. She works as an artist-in-residence at the Arts Warehouse of Delray Beach, FL, juries art competitions in Florida, and teaches art in Italy. She has studied multi-media art in Les Angles, France; Portland, Oregon; Berkeley, California; and Boca Raton, Florida. Pierce holds a Bachelor of Arts and Juris Doctor degree from the University of San Diego, CA. She practiced law in California for ten years before becoming an artist. Missy Pierce is a past Bailey Contemporary Arts' Artist-in-Residence, and one of her public art projects is a Pompano Fish.

Missy's paintings, collage and book art explore the nature of identity. She is particularly interested in the contradicting parts of the self within each of us--especially the parts that can't easily be reconciled with the image we present outwardly. For this reason, her art focuses on the parts and pieces that comprise the whole being, whether those be the personal and social experiences that mold us or the cellular and genetic makeup that forms the essence of who we are. She combines diverse materials and painting styles to reflect the various influences on these conflicting threads of identity. This may include pages ripped from her old legal briefs, vibrant Caribbean colors, studies on insect anatomy and cellular structure, scribbled household "to do" lists, fabrics from her mother's generation, the electrified neon of the 70's, to the absurdest images of today's meme culture. Missy explore ways to tie these incongruent elements together in her art, whether it be through multiple layers, obsessively patterned details, or the biomorphic shapes that cavort and dance their way across the canvas.


Join Consulting Curator Juliana Forero for a sneak peek of Missy Pierce's exhibition, "Unfamiliar Ground." Step inside the Pompano Beach Cultural Center for virtual access to this culturally rich experience where you will find features of her mixed cultural heritage in her vibrant work.

Learn more about Missy Pierce by visiting: www.missypierce.com

Artist Talk with Missy Pierce

We have all be on Unfamiliar Ground lately, so our newest exhibition featuring the works of Missy Pierce really resonates. Today, consulting curator Juliana Forero talks with the well-known artist about how her work has transitioned during COVID and how she hopes her pieces make us all look for new ways to connect.

Unfamiliar Ground Exhibition by Missy Pierce