To protect the public health and slow the rate of transmission of the coronavirus (COVID-19), all City of Pompano Beach public gatherings have been cancelled or postponed. In addition, until further notice, all cultural arts venues will be temporarily closed to the general public.

Facility Rentals - Cultural Center

Rent the Pompano Beach Cultural Center

Are you interested in a Rental Rate Estimate for your event? Let our professional staff assist you. Please provide us with the following information regarding your upcoming event.

Welcome to the City of Pompano Beach Cultural Center Book Your Event page! If you are interested booking this venue and receiving a rental rate estimate for your upcoming event, please provide the information requested below so our professional staff can assist you. Please note that events must be booked a minimum of three months in advance and no more than six months in advance. Payment in full is due upon execution of rental agreement.

Please enter N/A, if it does not apply to your event.

Event or Company Name:*
Personal Details:*
Type of Business:*
Commercial (Profit)
Event Dates and Times:*
Meeting Space:*
Lobby (maximum of 40 people)
Digital Media Center
Lawn (Requires additional applications and approvals)
Estimated Number of Attendees:*
0 - 40
41 - 100
101 - 200
201 - 336
More than 336
Type of Event:*
Live Theater Performance - Musical, Stage Plays, Concerts, Dance Recitals, Comedy, etc.
Social Events - Community Event, Networking, Themed Parties, VIP Events, Award Ceremonies, Family Event
Corporate Meetings - Workshops, Seminars, Board Meeting, Ceremony, Reception, Business Dinner, Trade Show
Ticketed Event:*
Yes (Renter is responsible for ticket management, sales and event seating)
In order to better understand your event, please let us know if you plan on using the services any of the following (check all that apply):*
Linens (Black only, $3 per piece)
Rolling Bar (2 available)
Risers (18 - 4’ x 8’ available)
Describe Your Event:*
Please Note:

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