Drums of Polynesia

Pompano Beach Cultural Center
Mar 14 | 6:00 pm
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Coming March 2025!

A story comes to life with the lighting of the tiki torches and the blowing of the conch shell. Entertainment will include musicians, drummers, DJ, MC, dancers, fire dancers - Polynesia Revue will take you on a journey with the songs and dances of the Polynesian Islands. Tahiti, with beautiful costumes and instruments, audience participation and the savage Fire Dance of Samoa.

Drums of Polynesia will present a dinner show, boasting colorful costumes, Polynesian flavors, signature drinks, and cultural entertainment.

RJ Rewi's Drums of Polynesia, founded in 1975 in Papawai, New Zealand, blossomed from local family entertainment to a global sensation. After opening an office in Sydney in 1980, the group secured contracts globally, entertaining diverse audiences with cultural programs. Settling in Fort Lauderdale since 1995 RJ, proud of his Maori heritage, combines cultural magnetism with American flair, creating an immersive experience for audiences and building international connections.

A sample performance of what to expect:

Drums of Polynesia