Calls to Artists

Weaver Park Painted Pompano Sculpture

BUDGET: $1,500.00

DEADLINE: April 7, 2021

LOCATION: Weaver Park, 800 NW 20th St


The City is looking to commission a South Florida artist to design and fabricate that design on a Painted Pompano fish sculpture. The pompano fish is the City’s namesake and a symbol of the identity of Pompano residents. Once completed, the sculpture will be placed at Weaver Park. The Painted Pompano sculpture will be individualized by the artist and should be bright and colorful. A UV Resistant Coating must be applied. All applications must be submitted on the provided template and materials must also be listed.


The artist selected for exhibition will be provided with a prefabricated fish. The artist must provide their own workspace to complete the commission. The artists will have one month to complete the sculpture. Selected artist will be paid $1,500 upon completion and approval of their painted fish.

Artists may submit up to three designs for consideration. All applications must be submitted on the provided template and materials must also be listed.


The theme of the artwork is bright and colorful.


The design of the fish is modeled after the City of Pompano Beach logo and is an enlarged and stylized representation of the pompano fish jumping out of the water. The fish is 5’ tall and approximately 3’ wide, proportional oblong shape, sitting on a 5’-6’ diameter integrated base. The fish is constructed out of foam with three coats of polyurethane.


Design submissions must be submitted on the below template and include design on side A and B. Include list of materials. Link for Templates:


The fish will be displayed in Weaver Park, 800 NW 20th St., and will be accessible by the general public. The location is next to I-95; the sculpture should be bright enough in color that it is visible from the highway. The design should also be created with durability and public safety concerns in mind. In creating the design, consider carefully the weather and other elements of nature, including sun, rain, wind and dirt. Although objects may be attached to the fish, artists should be aware that vandalism can and unfortunately does occur. Any objects added to a Fish must be attached in such a way that it cannot be easily removed. Treatments shall be flat or flush with no sharp edges.

The surface of each fish mold is not primed so it is necessary to apply a primer. Acrylic paint, artificial resin paint or two-component paint can be used to paint the fish once primed.

Should the artist choose to paint the fish, a minimum of three coats of varnish is required using a two-part, hard gloss clean non-yellowing varnish and a UV Resistant Coating. The artist is required to apply a sealant and coating to the fish. If a different medium is selected, proper finishing will be required.


Artist will not be required to install the fish to its location, the City will manage this process. Artist should, however, be available for any possible touch-up work that may be required once the exhibit is underway.


Artists should bear in mind that the audience will be broad-based and of all ages, and designs should be appropriate for public display. Designs that are religious, political or sexual in nature will not be accepted. The structure may not display messages with text or contain any words or alpha-numeric characters. Additionally, neither corporate logos nor advertising is allowed. Designs will be evaluated to ensure they conform to these standards. The City of Pompano Beach may reject any design that, in its sole discretion, does not adhere to these standards.


Call to Artists is Circulated February 24, 2021

Application Deadline April 7, 2021

Artist Selection April 15, 2021

The Artist will have 30 days to complete the artwork once the Agreement has been fully executed.


This project is open to all South Florida artists, professional to amateur. Artists are NOT eligible who are immediate family or business partners of members of the Public Art Committee or program staff.


All submissions should be submitted via email to by 11:59 PM EST on April 7, 2021.

  • Artist statement – a brief description of yourself and the design;
  • Examples of previous artwork (minimum 1; maximum 3); and
  • Design – complete your proposed design on the templates provided, must include side A and B. A maximum of three designs can be submitted per artist. Please feel free to enlarge these shapes if desired. Additional pages may be used as necessary to illustrate the design. List the medium you will be using. Note the more complete your design, the easier it will be for the Committee to review your submission.


The artist will be selected based on the following criteria:

  • Design;
  • Statement;
  • Examples of previous artwork; and
  • Materials to be used.


The selection process is managed by the City of Pompano Beach. Final purchase approval is contingent upon inspection ensuring long-term conservation of the artwork.

Other Selection Issues:

  1. Florida “Sunshine Laws”: All meetings of the Public Art Committee are open to the public, are publicly advertised and are documented through written minutes.
  2. Conflicts of Interest: Artists with immediate family or business partners on the selection committee are not eligible to apply. A selection committee member may choose to withdraw from discussion and voting for any apparent conflict of interest.
  3. Public Art Committee Contacts: Artist applicants should not contact Public Art Committee members between the release of the Call to Artists and the completion of the selection process. Contact the City of Pompano Beach for all questions and information.


Contact: Laura Atria, Public Art Program Manager

Phone: 954-632-3006


Weaver Park Painted Pompano Sculpture Image

Call to Artists – “Dance: An Esther Rolle Inspired Exhibition”

The Mission of the Ali Cultural Arts Center is to both celebrate the history and culture of the African American community in the City of Pompano Beach and to enhance local access to the cultural arts, with a focus on dance, music and the spoken word, including poetry, storytelling and theater, as part of the Downtown Pompano Creative Arts District. The Ali Cultural Arts Center is a platform to enrich the community through visual and performing arts.

The City of Pompano Beach is inviting artists nationwide to submit original artworks to celebrate Esther Rolle’s participation in the dance artform. While living in New York City, celebrated Pompano Beach-born actress, Esther Rolle, was a member of the Shogola Oloba dance troop, created and led by master Asadata Dafora, and became its director in 1960. Selected artworks will be exhibited at the Ali Cultural Arts Center from October 29, 2021 through February 9, 2022.

Submit up to three (3) digital files via Notifications are sent via email. Artists selected will be given sufficient time to prepare their work and make shipping or delivery arrangements prior to their artwork intake deadline. Artists will receive a 70% commission on artwork sold.


  • A submission fee of $10 for up to 3 images submitted into
  • Upload up to 3 images per artist should be submitted in the following format:
    - JPG, no larger than 5MB
    - Name each file with your name and the title, for example: smith_jane_title.jpg
    - Deadline for Submission: August 6, 2021, 11:59pm.

Entries must be original works of art that have been completed within the last ten (10) years. Work must not exceed 50” in any dimensions. All two-dimensional work must ready-to-hang. No substitution, exchange, modification, or withdrawal of works is permitted after they are accepted for the exhibition. Should any piece of art differ significantly from the original image entry, the piece will be disqualified from the exhibition.

Artists are responsible for round-trip shipping and insurance (during shipping) of artworks. All shipments must include a prepaid UPS OR FED EX return label and be shipped in a container suitable to re-use for return shipping. Work must be shipped prepaid to Ali Cultural Arts Center in sturdy and reusable packing; make sure to include instructions for unpacking or assembly if needed. Work sent through the US Postal Service, must include a shipping label, USPS stamps will not be accepted. The City of Pompano Beach Cultural Affairs Department is not responsible for damage to artwork during transport to and from Ali Cultural Arts Center.​​ Work may also be delivered in person to Ali Cultural Arts Center. Complete shipping instructions will be mailed with acceptance notices.

All possible care will be taken of the work submitted to the exhibition. The City of Pompano Beach will not assume liability for loss or damage associated with shipping. The City does insure the exhibition against loss and damage. The artist has ten (10) days to submit a written claim and three (3) bids for repair. Claims will not be considered on pre-existing conditions. Unless otherwise stated in writing, the City of Pompano Beach assumes permission to photograph selected artwork and/or reproduce slide images for publicity purposes. All guidelines governing the exhibition are subject to interpretation by the City’s agents. Submission of work through this application process indicates acceptance of all conditions listed in this prospectus for all exhibitions.


Submission Deadline: August 6, 2021, 11:59pm
Notification of Acceptance: September 10, 2021

Shipping/Delivery Deadline: October 22, 2021
Exhibition Dates: October 29, 2021 – February 9, 2022

For more information email us at or call 954.545.7800, Extension 3810.

Visit Call for Entry Website to Submit to this Call

Call to Artists – “Dance: An Esther Rolle Inspired Exhibition” Image

CALL FOR PHOTOS for The Longer the Feather Exhibition

Show Us Your Sunday's Best!

Walter Griffin's upcoming exhibition, “The Longer the Feather”, commemorates Black History and Women’s Months by featuring photographic work by Walter Griffin and paintings by Jamesly Saint Louis. We invite you to be featured in the digital component of this exhibition. Send us an image of you and/or your loved ones dressed in their Sunday's Best to be a part of this striking display of African-American style and culture Bailey Contemporary Arts!

“The Longer the Feather” features a series of photographs, shown originally at the Minnesota African American Heritage Museum and Gallery, where Griffin captured the beauty women attending Sunday Church. Griffin’s fascination with church hats began at an early age when he visited and observed a milliner create a hat from scratch.

Artists: Walter Griffin and Jamesly Saint Louis

Dates: January 8 through March 25, 2021

How to participate: Post a picture of your Sunday Best and share with us what your outfit means to Instagram by tagging @Bacapompano and using the #thelongerthefeather or Email your images and stories to

CALL FOR PHOTOS for The Longer the Feather Exhibition Image