About Bailey Contemporary Arts Center

Mission and Purpose

The mission of the Bailey Contemporary Arts (BaCA) is to cultivate, incubate and nurture a vibrant visual arts community that enriches Pompano Beach and its goal of being a nexus of art, creativity, diversity, and inspiration.

The Bailey Contemporary Arts aims to serve as an incubator for artistic innovation and education, with the goal to amalgamate emerging local and national artists with industry professionals to elevate the creative process.

With a newly renovated facility, artists, residents and cultural organizations can now come together in Pompano Beach and use the power of creative expression to uplift, revitalize and build a stronger community.

History of Bailey Contemporary Arts Center

Built in the 1930s, Ali Cultural Arts is a rare surviving example of early 20th century architecture that once comprised a thriving commercial district along Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard (historically named Rock Road). Once the home and business site of Florence Major Ali and her husband, Frank, the two-story building has significant historical importance the Northwest Community of Pompano Beach as it was the first black-owned building in the City.

The Ali’s ran a successful barbershop and barber training facility in the building, as well as a boarding house for traveling black entertainers who were not allowed to stay east of the railroad tracks due to racial segregation. Rumor has it legendary entertainers such as Cab Calloway and Louis Armstrong were among the guests at the boarding house.

In 2012 the Pompano Beach Community Redevelopment Agency purchased the building and developed plans for a world-class cultural arts venue, expanding the current foot print with an additional 2,400 sq. ft. building and outdoor courtyard for concerts.

Ali Cultural Arts in now the steward for the history of the Northwest district of Pompano Beach and is the nexus for musicians, visual artists, dancers and spoken word poets that have been influenced or inspired by black culture.


Located in the heart of Pompano Beach’s new Creative Arts District, we encourage you to visit BaCA, which now houses a dozen art studios and also features large galleries that serve as exhibition and education spaces, and an open social area for artistic dialogue. BaCA offers studio space for visual artists, and is occupied with painters, ceramicists, photographers and interdisciplinary artists. Here we provide the opportunity for residents to explore their creative side with workshops, events, studio visits and monthly exhibitions.

BaCA also offers the opportunity for visitors to come by, or sign up and take a class, attend a lecture, see an exhibition and get an organic look at the artistic process. Please check our calendar for upcoming events!