Gregory Dirr

Gregory Dirr is an interdisciplinary visual artist, compulsively creating work that draws inspiration from fairy tales and the natural environment. Known for his whimsical yet classical paintings and murals, Dirr is often commissioned to create works for the public and private realms. Constantly exploring new ways to create, he is passionate about experimenting with new materials and processes. During his residency, Dirr plans to realize five large scale pieces for his passion works, which are process heavy and innovative. The theme of his planned work is centered around a visual narrative called The Big Book, a story with existential themes.

Contact Info

Artist Website:

Instagram: @gregorydirr

Facebook: gregorydirrart

Schedule of Events/Appearances:

  • December 14 | 1:00- 3:00 PM - Printmaking Demo w/ Gregory at Pompano Beach Library

Gregory will demonstrate how printmaking can be done with easily accessible materials. Learn how to make stamps for designing art projects like cards, textiles, gifts, d├ęcor and more. Register by clicking here.

Gregory Dirr