Family Cultural Dance Sampler

Pompano Beach Cultural Center
Nov 12 - Apr 22

The Cultural Dance Sampler is a series of community-based dance classes designed to introduce the community to a variety of cultural dance styles. Beginning in November of 2022 and concluding in April 2023 families will gain access to one (1) hour session consisting of cultural heritage presentation and instructor-led dance class during Saturdays of Green Market at 12:00 PM.

Instructors are part of Ashanti Cultural Arts.

Upcoming Dance Style Classes

  • March 25th: Hula dancing with Kona

  • April 8th: Bollywood Adults Dance with Moushme

Moushme is a dancer, fitness instructor and life coach who enjoys teaching Bollywood dance, spiritualty self love and fitness.

  • April 22nd: Bellet with Emily
Family Cultural Dance Sampler