Art in the Alley

Bailey Contemporary Artist in Residence and Mosaic Team Apprentice Cynthia Trezona was commissioned to create a mosaic mural in Artists Alley, located on the back exterior wall of 135 NE 1st Ave. The mosaic mural is 10 feet tall by 41 inches wide. The Public Art Committee created a Call to Artists in search of a mosaic artwork whose design was abstract and creative. Trezona’s mural is just that and can be described as a statement of color.

Trail of the Honey Bees

Bee on the Lookout!

Something is buzzing in Pompano Beach! The City of Pompano Beach Public Art Committee commissioned lead artist Sonata Kazimieraitiene to work with five apprentices to create multiple mosaic murals which will be installed throughout the City. One of Sonata’s mosaic projects includes a ‘Trail of the Honey Bees’. This trail contains multiple mosaic murals ranging in size which connects the community and the cultural arts facilities through artwork and education.

The focal point of the mosaic project is on the honey bee and the vegetation it helps pollinate. Pompano Beach was built by our rich agricultural community. This trail encourages a spirit of unity by connecting the two districts together by means of art. Without the help of the honey bee and continued education on the importance of the honey bee, the agricultural community as a whole is at stake.

Locations for the Mosaics featured in the Trail of the Honey Bees, note some of the locations feature multiple mosaics:

i. 731 NW 3rd St
ii. Annie Adderly Gillis Park
iii. E. Pat Larkins
iv. Ali Cultural Arts Center
v. West Side of Broward Transit Center along Dixie Highway and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.
vi. North Side of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. and Dixie Highway across from Transit Center
vii. 3rdSt. and Flagler Ave. by Ward’s City
viii. NW Corner of 2ndSt. & 1stAve.
ix. 1st Ave. & 2ndSt. (165 NE 1 AVE)
x. Holy Cross Family Medical Center located at 114 N. Flagler Ave.
xi. Bank located at 61 NE 1stAve.
xii. Bailey Contemporary Arts
xiii. Artists Alley
xiv. Kelly’s Chemicals
xv. 50 NE 1st St.
xvi. Civic Plaza
xvii. North side of Atlantic Blvd. and 1stAve.
xviii. Southwest corner of SW 1st Ave.and Atlantic Blvd.
xix. Southeast corner of SW 1st Ave.and Atlantic Blvd.
xx. Cultural Arts Center
xxi. City Hall
xxii. Commission Chambers

Below are images of some of the Mosaics featured in the Trail

Music Leads the Way

Project 2, Music Leads the Way has been completed and is installed at the Pompano Beach Amphitheater. The Amphitheater is a 3,000 seat open-air performing arts theatre that hosts exceptional artists and events in North Broward's venue for art, music, and culture. The Music Leads the Way features music themed mosaic murals.


Lead Artist Sonata Kazimieraitiene worked with five approved apprentices to complete this project as part of the Mosaic Team. This is project 4 and it is a floor mosaic located at the Palm Aire gazebo on the northeast corner West Palm Aire Dr. and Oaks Dr.


Ms. Kazimieraitiene worked with apprentices teaching them the craft of ceramics and mosaic art. Project 3, entitled “Community” is located at the Charlotte Burrie Community Center which is currently being constructed. Residents also helped place ceramic and mosaic tiles into the design during events like Untapped. The Community Center is tentatively set to be opened in 2020. Photos and information on the Community Center opening to the public will be posted.

Beautiful Day in the Garden by Steven Lutz

The Public Art Committee commissioned artist Steven Lutz, a member of the City’s Mosaic Team apprentice program term 1 and 2, to design and fabricate two mosaic benches as well as conduct a community engagement activity that will teach the community about the process and installation of mosaics. Due to COVID-19, the community engagement aspect of the project evolved into a virtual video documentation of the artist’s process in completing and installing the benches. This project’s purpose was to continue to beautify and enhance the City of Pompano Beach as well as educate the community on the mosaic process.

Sea Life

The Mosaic Team 2 Project entitled Sea Life by lead artist Sonata Kazimieraitiene and her five apprentices Sandi Lazar, Steven Lutz, Cindy Trezona, Rosario Psy, and Patricia Tiles, consists of 99 handmade tiles varying in size. The tiles, depicting various sea life, create a scavenger hunt for the viewer stretching from the Pompano Pier south to the Great Lawn.