Barefoot Mailman

In July 2014, the City issued a Call to Artists requesting submissions from qualified artists to create a bronze sculpture of the Barefoot Mailman. As part of a public art project funded and managed by the City of Pompano Beach Public Works, the sculpture was designed specifically to be located on the Hillsboro Inlet Bridge. The top ranking artist was Mario Chiodo, who has completed approximately 30 bronze figurative sculptures, including many monumental sized works. Mario Chiodo has envisioned a fresh and new iconic image for the legend of the Barefoot Mailman. The artwork depicts a Mailman traveling at top speed, determined and focused, his supplies and mailbag flying in the air. Mr. Chiodo’s sculpture presents a more exaggerated and exciting perspective for the Hillsboro Inlet Bridge. While the artwork is inventive, the detail and accessories help to capture a moment in time and continue to tell the story of the Barefoot Mailman. Chosen for its expression, dynamic form, movement, craftsmanship and attention to detail, this major work of art has been installed in its permanent home on the Hillsboro Inlet Bridge.

We Go Together

Located at the south entrance of the Pompano Beach Cultural Center, We Go Together created by artist team Gillie and Marc is a whimsical bronze sculpture. The artist team is based out of Australia and they are highly regarded in the art community all over the world. The New York times once referred to them as “the most successful and prolific creators of public art in New York’s history”.

Octopus’ Garden

In order to support local artists and artists in residence in Pompano Beach, the Committee sought out artists who have displayed work at the Ali Cultural Center and artists in residence at the Bailey Contemporary Arts to purchase an artwork to be displayed at the Cultural Arts Center. Octopus’s Garden is a multi-ceramic sculpture created by Bailey artist in residence Samantha McInnis, The Clay Cache, was selected. The artwork is installed in the North Entrance Lobby of the Center.


This artwork has temporarily been removed for maintenance and will tentatively be reinstalled October 2022.

The City of Pompano Beach commissioned artist Cecilia Lueza for the design and installation of a sculpture located at the City’s Oasis Water Reuse Plant. As part of the Oasis Reuse Program, all reused and filtered water is delivered through purple pipes throughout the City for irrigation. The sculpture reflects on water as reuse and conservation. An aspect of the Reuse Plant’s purple pipes is included in the design.

Oasis is a site-specific, signature sculpture that is symbolic, bright, energetic, and celebrates the mission of the Pompano Beach Reuse Water Plant. The aluminum sculpture is composed of individual undulant pieces inspired by the movement and colors of open water. The artwork is designed to provoke the effect of motion while creating a dynamic visual effect for the viewer.

Pirates’ Treasure Chest

Florida artist Donald Gialanella was commissioned to design, fabricate, and install a sculpture entitled “Pirates’ Treasure Chest”. The artwork is currently on display by the Great Lawn near the concession stand and will remain there for a period of one year before it will be submerged into the water and attached to Lady Luck as part of the Shipwreck Park underwater art exhibition. A ceremony celebrating this artwork will take place at a later date.

Lady Luck is a 324 foot tanker vessel that was sunk on July 23rd, 2016 as an artificial reef 1 ½ miles off Pompano Beach’s shore. This ship is one of the biggest contributions to Florida’s artificial reef system and one of the most easily accessible major dive sites in the nation. The ship is the centerpiece of what is known as Shipwreck Park, surrounded by 16 other existing wrecks covered with marine life. Shipwreck Park is a unique underwater cultural arts park with rotating underwater art exhibits. The ship includes specific themes, exciting underwater events, artwork and rotating art exhibits to create a unique dive experience for local and international tourists.

Shipwreck Park is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the creation of an underwater park system establishing artificial reefs, utilizing public art to raise awareness of the need to preserve and conserve our natural coral reef system. The purpose of Shipwreck Park Pompano is to develop and protect our coral reefs. For more information on Shipwreck Park, visit

Painted Pompano Round 1 and Round 2: Schools of Art

The Painted Pompano series is the City of Pompano Beach's first large public art installation. The project consists of 12 five-foot tall pompano statues that are placed in various locations throughout the City. Each of the Painted Pompano sculptures has been individualized by artists in a variety of styles and finishes.

Due to the original project’s success, the City has completed a second round of Painted Pompano fish entitled School of Art. The pompano fish is the City’s namesake and a symbol of the identity of Pompano residents. The project consists of 12 five foot tall fish sculptures each of the sculpture has been individualized by artists in varieties of styles and finishes focusing on themes of periods of art history.


The City of Pompano Beach commissioned Mike Szabo (Szaboworks) to create a large scaled sculpture in front of the Pompano Beach Cultural Center. Standing over 15 feet tall, Current is an abstract reference to the infinite and dynamic flow of community, solidarity, and creativity that the Cultural Arts Center provides its citizens and visitors. The sculpture is fabricated from brushed stainless steel and rich patina bronze. The satin finish of the stainless steel softly reflects the surrounding environment.