All Hands In

All Hands In

The City of Pompano Beach Public Art Program commissioned Ya LaFord as part of an Artist in Residency Program. This was a Community Engagement Program. The artist worked with the residents of Collier City implementing Engagement Activities that assisted in creating a design for a final artwork that was installed in the neighborhood. The Engagement Activities and final artwork were based on aspects that would improve the quality of life for the community and create an artwork that is representative of what those living in the community would like to see.

All Hands In is mural space located in the reading sections at the Jan Moran Collier City Library. The mural was influenced by the community engagement and painting events with residents and children of Collier City. During the engagement events, this vibrant community and specifically students, learned much about abstraction, local culture, and how art can be a beacon of hope and inspiration for the Collier City community and beyond. The design framework of these murals, center on a theme of community PRIDE and revitalization, intended to celebrate and capture the rich culture, legacy and vibrancy of Collier City. The Jan Moran Collier City library serves as an important creative hub and gathering place for the community. All Hands In seeks to articulate the past, present and unlimited future possibilities of the community’s dreams and renewed sense of place. For this community, these murals reflect its complex and dynamic culture in many ways both seen and unseen. As such, both of the murals embrace an abstract visual composition that is both friendly, welcoming and a beacon of inspiration determined to acknowledge each student’s dreams and renewed sense of place.

Installed: April 2018

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