Installed: August 2019

This artwork has temporarily been removed for maintenance and will tentatively be reinstalled October 2022.

The City of Pompano Beach commissioned artist Cecilia Lueza for the design and installation of a sculpture located at the City’s Oasis Water Reuse Plant. As part of the Oasis Reuse Program, all reused and filtered water is delivered through purple pipes throughout the City for irrigation. The sculpture reflects on water as reuse and conservation. An aspect of the Reuse Plant’s purple pipes is included in the design.

Oasis is a site-specific, signature sculpture that is symbolic, bright, energetic, and celebrates the mission of the Pompano Beach Reuse Water Plant. The aluminum sculpture is composed of individual undulant pieces inspired by the movement and colors of open water. The artwork is designed to provoke the effect of motion while creating a dynamic visual effect for the viewer.

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