Painted Pompano Round 1 And Round 2: Schools Of Art

Painted Pompano Round 1 and Round 2: Schools of Art

The Painted Pompano series is the City of Pompano Beach's first large public art installation. The project consists of 12 five-foot tall pompano statues that are placed in various locations throughout the City. Each of the Painted Pompano sculptures has been individualized by artists in a variety of styles and finishes.

Due to the original project’s success, the City has completed a second round of Painted Pompano fish entitled School of Art. The pompano fish is the City’s namesake and a symbol of the identity of Pompano residents. The project consists of 12 five foot tall fish sculptures each of the sculpture has been individualized by artists in varieties of styles and finishes focusing on themes of periods of art history.

Installed: October 2015 & April 2017

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