Trail Of The Honey Bees

Trail of the Honey Bees

Lead Artist: Sonata Kazimieraitiene

Location: One mile stretch from 731 NW 3rd Street over Dixie Highway to Pompano Beach Cultural Center

The City of Pompano Beach commissioned artist Sonata Kazimieraitiene as the lead artist to design, fabricate, and install four mosaic projects as part of the Mosaic Team program term 1. Kazimieraitiene worked with five approved apprentices to complete the projects. This is one of four projects associated with term 1 of the program and it is located in the Pompano Beach Innovation District. It consists of 28 mosaic murals ranging in size located on a one-mile stretch connecting both sides of Dixie Highway. The artworks connect the community and the cultural arts facilities through artwork and education. The focal point of the trail is on the honeybee and the vegetation it helps pollinate.

Pompano Beach was built by our rich agricultural community. This trail encourages a spirit of unity by connecting the two districts together by means of art. Without the help of the honeybee and continued education on the importance of the honeybee, the agricultural community as a whole is at stake.

Other projects that are a part of the Mosaic Team term 1 include the Music Leads to Way, Community, and WOW!. Kazimieraitiene was also commissioned to work on term 2 and 3 of this 3 term program.

Sonata Kazimieraitiene was born in Lithuania 1968, where she received her MFA in Design from Vilnius Academy of Art (1992). She moved to the United States in the year 2000, and subsequently received her MBA in Marketing from Concordia University in Wisconsin (2005). She has produced large-scale murals and mosaics under the auspices of Chicago Public Art Group, and through grants from Illinois Arts Council, in such locations as Green Hills Public Library in Palos Hills, IL, CTA Station in Evanston, IL, and Colin Powel Muddle School in Matterson, IL. In addition, she has been artist-in-residence for several elementary and high schools in Chicago area.
Installed: December 2018

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